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Indore has been a forerunner in the country's progress for last few decades. This is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, which has a population of over one million people and is routinely ranked as India's cleanest city. It is the state's historic and modern city. It is the administrative centre of the Indore District and Division. Indore is one of the most popular and visited cities in the state, due to its rich history, gorgeous surroundings, unique traditions, and numerous tourist attractions.If you live in Indore, you can apply loan with Mudrahome

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Indore is a growing and developing city of Madhya Pradesh that provides livelihood to all the people who have roots from here or have migrated here from other parts of India. This city is a centre of trade and enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle which is reflected from their dressing habits. Indore is also becoming a centre of education which is attracting students from all over the country to this city.

In Indore, Mudra Home a financial consulting company has its presence from last 1.5 years. The company is working with almost all the Banks and NBFC’s in Indore and has a huge clientele from the city as well as nearby locations like Devas, Ujjain, Mhou, Khandwa etc. the team of Mudra Home is dedicated to work hard, understand your need and help you to get any kind of loan.

The team members of Mudra Home look forward to your convenience and requirement. They are always ready to guide you for your financial aspects. To fulfill your requirement for an extra need of money (loan), they can always suggest you the best of possible and available options in the market. Their personal meetings with the customers develop a bridge of confidence and reliability among them. They guide their customers about the required documents for the particular financial product. Yes of course, the team of Mudra Home do a pre check of your documents before putting them in from of the Bank/ NBFC.

Mudra Home being a consulting company works with almost all the financial institutions in Indore and have a strong connect with them. They provide consulting for Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Personal Loan and Business Loan. The eligibility criteria are also being checked before they proceed further. However, other than the basic documents, the documents for all the loans may vary depending from case to case. Since, a document is a record of information presented in a recorded form. Let’s understand what are the documents required as per the Mudra Home team of Indore.

Personal Loan in Indore

Any small or large amount that can be used for a personal use is a personal loan. The borrower can is not bound to use it in a particular manner and also the lender does not require the details of expenditure. Being an unsecured loan, it does not involve any security to be deposited with the Bank and so has a high percentage of interest rate. The documentation for salaried and self-employed is different other than the basic documents such as

Other documents for salaried are

  • 2 years form 16 / ITR
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Latest 6 months Bank statement
  • Salary slips for 3 months
  • Job continuity proof for last 2 yrs

Other documents for self employed are

  • Official address proof
  • Proof of business continuity for 3 yrs
  • CA certified financials for last 3 yrs
  • Bank statement of 1 yr
  • Details of all running and closed loan amounts

Business Loan in Indore

When funds are needed for the rotation of the business expenses, it is known as Business loan. Business loan is also an unsecured loan but yes it can be converted to a secured loan to negotiate on better terms and conditions. The team of Mudra Home in Indore is quite focused to target the self employed professionals and help them to grow more. The documents to avail a business loan in Indore are as follows:

Home Loan in Indore

Home loan can be availed to purchase a new or a resale property. Home loan is a secured loan where the borrower has to put the property as collateral with Bank/ NBFC. Home loan can be borrowed for a maximum 25 – 30 years and minimum of 1 year. The eligibility criteria and the documentation for both salaried and self employed are different. Mudra Home in Indore has a separate section of team to work for home loan customers. While conversing with the customers the team members inform about the required documents. The required documents for Home Loan are:

Loan Against Property (LAP or Mortgage) in Indore

Loan Against Property is a secured loan where the property is kept as collateral to borrow a loan amount. This loan amount can be used for any medical emergency, education, marriage or any other purpose. The tenor of loan against property is 1 year to 15 years. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the profession of the borrower. The documentation also differs from salaried to self employed (apart from basic documents also known as KYC). Let’s have a close look on the different documents required for LAP:

Other documents required from salaried professionals

Other documents required from self employed professionals

Being a city of mixed culture and a center of attraction Indore is suitable for kind of loans. All the above loans fit in some or the other borrower’s kitty.