Step 1

( 1 Hour )

Appointment with Mudrahome Loan Officer

We’ll meet with you to understand you’re financial and lifestyle goals. We then search though hundreds of loans to find the one that’s right for you. Your Mudra Home loan officer will calculate your borrowing power and work out what your estimated monthly repayments will be, We’re also there to answer any questions you might have along the way.

This Initial meeting process takes about an hour.

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Step 2

(1 – 2 Days)

Applying for the loan

Once we’ve helped you choose the loan that’s right for you, we’ll help you prepare the application and login documentation as required by the chosen lender and will guide you through the whole process.

We can work though the application process is 1-2 Business Days.

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Step 3

(3 – 5 Days)

Conditional approval

The lender you have chosen will provide you with conditional approval while they organize the Loan appraisal and conduct a credit checks. We stay in touch with you and the lender to make sure everyone is informed at each step of the application.

This approval by the lender usually takes 3-5 Business Days to take place.

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Step 4

(5 – 8 Days)

Unconditional Final Approval

Unconditional Approval or sanctioning of the loan is the formal acknowledgement that your loan has been approved by the lender.

This normally takes 5-8 Business Days for the banks to review and finalize your application.

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Step 5

(3 – 5 Days)

Your Loan Documentation

Once the bank has finalized your loan, they will send through all of your loan documents. We organize a time to meet and help you complete all the documentation and loan agreement process.

It will generally take 3-5 Business Days for you to receive the documents and for us to organize a convenient time to sit with you and complete them.

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Step 6

(3 – 5 Days)

Disbursal of your Loan

We will organize disbursal of your loan directly with the lender, according to the final mutually agreed loan terms.

The loan disbursal can take anywhere between 3-5 Business Days.

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Step 7

(Total Process 18-25 Days)

Keeping in touch

Our Service does not end once your loan settles. We will stay in touch to make sure your loan is the right solution for your needs now and in the future. Mudra Home has very strong work ethics and integrity of highest level is always the beginning point for us.

The Total Loan process can take anywhere between 18-25 Business days.

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Step 8

(A Lifelong Relationship)

Our Aim

We aim to help our partner financial institutions as well as our customers by helping them choose the best options to fulfill their respective financial needs & provide 360 degree financial consultancy for a lifelong partnership . Working with a Mudra Home simplifies the process as our loan experts guide you through the application & approval stages & removes the stress from buying a loan.

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