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Credit Score

We always hear about credit score credit ratings etc.But what exactly does it refer to? Who calculates our credit score and what factors determine it? Let’s move on and find all the answers to our doubts.

These days credit score is not limited to Banks/ NBFC’s.Other than financial institutions like the mobile phone companies, insurance companies andeven the digital finance companies use the credit scores to calculate the credit worthiness of the borrower. A credit score is a 3 digit number which is analyzed depending on the credit file of an individual. Credit score is based on the credit report given by the credit bureaus. Credit score decides who qualify for the loan, at what interest rate and what credit limits and also the potential risk taken by the lender is evaluated. The most popular credit information companies in India are CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and CrifHighmark.

The credit score ranges from 300 to 900. Highest the credit score, highest is the possibility of getting the best possible deals while qualifying for the loan. The score of -1 represents no credit history and credit score of 0 shows the credit history of less than 6 months. To create a decent and satisfactory credit score it takes minimum 18 to 36 months.

High credit score reflects the well managed financial skills and the repayment system on time. Similarly, a low credit score raises a question in lender’s mind about the credibility. The credit score creates a great impact on your financial requirements. Whenever you apply for the loan or any other financial requirement the Banks/ NBFC’s check your credit score and a higher credit score can help you to get a great deal in terms of interest rates and other charges. A good credit score can help you to get a loan on your credit card too.

On many sites we get a pop up window that you can check your credit score for free. But is it? Are you sure when you check your credit score on those sites your score won’t dip by 50-60 points? Yes, your credit score dips when score is being checked by the Banks/ NBFC’s and when an individual checks it on their own it does not. On the website of Mudra Home, one can easily check their free credit score without lowering or affecting your credit score, know the Maximum loan eligibility and EMI calculation as per your financial need and the best possible interest rates and options available in the market. A soft inquiry is done to check the free credit score with Mudra Homes without making a dent in your credit worthiness. Knowing your free credit score gives an idea on how lenders will look on your credit data.

The best person to ‘face’ the problem is also the best person to ‘fix’ the problem and that is you!

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