Earnest Money Mudrahome
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Earnest Money

When the buyer decides to buy a property, both seller and the buyer enter a contract that decides the final sales price and the down payment. The contract has nothing to do if the property fails in home appraisal or the inspection done later and reveals any problems in future. The contract proves the seller […]

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Home Improvement Loan- Mudrahome
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Home Improvement Loans

We do lots and lots of research and plan for the home loan before we finalize any Bank/ NBFC to be our lender. The process to borrow a home loan involves checking our credit score, finding the right fit financial institution, EMI calculation, documentation etc which can easily be done with Mudra Homes. After all […]

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Glossary of Loans- Mudrahome
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Glossary of Loans

We can need a loan at any point of time and for any reason. These reasons can be professional or personal but at some point of time we always come across when we find a need of urgent funds and this can easily be sorted with loans. With an added advantage we get all the […]

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Debt Trap- Mudrahome
March 6, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Financial Literacy

Debt Trap

What is a Debt? In simple word, the amount of money borrowed by one person from another is a debt. The most common form of debt is a loan that allows the borrower to borrow the money with certain terms and conditions and repay it on a later date along with some interest. Mortgages, auto […]

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Dropline Overdraft
February 27, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Financial Literacy

Dropline Overdraft- How they are different from normal working capital loans.

Dropline Overdraft Facilities can be termed as Smart Loan against properties which are generally offered from 1 Year to 15 years of tenure. The Dropline Overdraft facility benefits the borrower by reducing the original limit according the tenure sanctioned to the borrower. The overdraft facility can be used on monthly basis, quarterly basis, half yearly […]

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