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Myths & Reality about Personal Loans

Sometimes we find ourselves in some unenviable financial situations that require immediate funds, e.g. marriage. Personal loan is an easy option that can fulfill the need at that moment. Even if we already have previous debts we cannot step back from our responsibilities and commitments. We try lot many options to get the funds so […]

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Selfie cash-A Loan as Personal as Selfie

Selfie…Selfie…Selfie…We all know about selfie and not only us but the new upcoming generation is also aware of the term. Although the widespread term is fairly new to is but the photos in selfie category is quite common since long Selfie A selfie is a self portrait picture clicked by a smart phone by holding […]

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July 6, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Home Loan

How to deal with Home Loan rate hike

Recently while flipping the pages of my newspaper I saw an article related to financial industry that deals with lending rates. That article was to lighten up our minds with the current changes going on. Many of us don’t know what a little increase in interest rates will bring an impact on our current home […]

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Does your Small business need a loan-mudrahome
June 29, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Business Loan

Does Your Small Business Need A Loan?

What is a loan? In simple words, loan is an amount borrowed for a particular time and has to be paid back within a time frame along with surplus amount as an interest. This loan can be borrowed for our personal use, to buy a new property, for higher education of our kids or for […]

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June 27, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Home Loan

Importance of Borrowing a Home Loan

A major number of home buyers opt to borrow a home loan to fulfill the dream for owning a house. However the question arises, when the buyer has enough funds to pay for the house in full? Does he still need a home loan? It is quite a topic of debate among property experts. When […]

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Effect on Property Prices Due to GST-mudra
June 23, 2018 No Comment. Posted in Financial Literacy

Effect on Property Prices Due to GST

Due to the revolutionary ‘Goods & Services Tax’ or GST effective from July 1, 2017, most industries are waiting to see the positive or negative impact it brings. One such industry is the real estate industry which is not only growing but will also boom in near time. While GST along with RERA is expected […]

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